What is Enviro-Phone?

Enviro-Phone was first founded in 1812 by Sir Jermaine Archibald Wilson Esquire III and was the first company to create commercially available telegraph machines made entirely out of wood-chips and discarded rags. The company experienced moderate success throughout the industrialized world as well as some parts of Canada. After the war, Wilson began looking into creating more modern technology, and in 2001 Enviro-Phone began development on pay-phones made out of recycled cardboard and newspaper clippings. Unfortunately, Sir Jermaine Wilson passed away later that year, due to a gunshot wound he sustained during a drunken bar fight with Marvin Toure, taking his future business plans with him to his grave, as well as his secret to longevity. His dying words were "Lorem Ipsum."
Upon the reading of his will, it was stated that the ownership of his company was to go to whomever killed him.

Now, eleven years later, Enviro-phone is the first company in the world that manufactures cell-phones made out of fully recyclable materials! Our base models are made out of recycled plastic bottles, soda cans, beeswax, and other materials. Our deluxe models are made out of the same high-quality materials, but contain 50% less lead and mercury.

Sir Jermaine Archibald Wilson Esquire III

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